A letter to my Father

The aftermath of the Alive and Fearless Intensive coupled with an internship under Murtaza Badri was absolutely awesome! A&F helped me find myself, it helped my realize my identity and my true potential. I still do not know if this is a right emotion, but Alive and Fearless made me Hungry. Hungry for more knowledge, to get better results in life. For the first time in my whole life I started to dream! And I loved the feeling I got when I dreamt of things that are difficult to acquire in my possession. Just the thought of owning it made me uncomfortable, and I loved it!

That’s when I realized that It was time to take the next step. The Alive and Fearless Coaching. An advanced version of the Intensive, this was the ultimate way to eliminate many barriers that made me attitude based and also it was the ultimate platform for me to realize my passion- something I’ve been desperate to discover.

So this is what I did, I signed up for the program and with full enthusiasm asked my Father if I could participate in the program. He said a flat no. And I suddenly got all puffed up and we had this really unproductive heated conversation which culminated in me just walking away from there,afraid that I would say something I would regret.

Later that afternoon, while having my lunch, I thought- If I would have tried a little harder, this time being myself, I may just be able to convince my father. Now the problem was that I wanted to speak to him right now so that he would be able to arrange for the money by nightfall, and my father, busy as he is may not have the time to pay heed to all that I say. So I sent him a mail.

It took me about forty five minutes to write and the end result was something that I mildly expected.

This is what I wrote to him-

Hi Abbajaan,

I am writing this mail to tell you the reasons why I want to go for the Alive and Fearless Coaching, After reading this, I hope it helps you to clearly look through my perspective.
Two years ago, when I was signing up for the Alive&Fearless Intensive through Murtaza Sir’s webpage, that time the only two things that motivated me to do so was curiosity and faith. Sirs website stated everything that he was offering in the Intensive and on going through the topics ,I felt it worth giving it a shot.
Dad, those three days of my life, was (and ill  write these down in point form) for the first time that-
 I realized that I had an unimaginable amount of potential dormant within me.
For the first time I started thinking freely. I started thinking for myself and what I really wanted out of life.
And the most important part that actually gave structure to my whole existence- In the transformation process, I discovered my true identity.
All this, Me, my life, my experiences with you,I cant  thank you enough for everything. Its only because you and mom backed me up on whatever decisions I made that I am in living the absolutely awesome life right now!
On the last day of the Alive and Fearless Intensive, Murtaza Sir had introduced us to the concept of the A&F Coaching program. This was the first time I wanted to readily learn more to develop myself.
And since that day on I was waiting for the next coaching batch to be formed.
I agree that It is the perfect stage for up-selling his A&F Coaching, but I don’t find anything wrong in that. He did an amazing job in the Intensive and is also giving us a money back guarantee if I am not satisfied with the coaching. And Dad,after joining Sir and becoming part of his organization, I felt that I had reached newer transition stage, I started imbibing whatever he used to give me, and tried to make the most of the opportunities he gave me. I began to feel an air of professionalism, and wanted to do more. Today after such a long time I am working and I’m feeling so good.
And all this was only by experiencing working with him, where I learnt so much only by observation.
And that’s when I reached another level of realization, that how great  would the impact be on me if I would attend the coaching program where we would be only a small number of participants! Also Sir would be on a personal level and teach us as an advanced batch, learning new concepts and giving us a deeper understanding of how to maximize our output in life. Then I saw the transcendents who had  completed the coaching,  Murtaza Shakir who is currently working with Sir as program manager, Shabbir Patanwala who is currently working with Cipla, Abdeali uncle who is 64 years old and has just ventured on to a new business… All these people had their own personal and professional problems in life and when they shared their experiences with me, It motivated me further.
And now the most important reason why I want to do the coaching-
I am currently reading a book, Think and Grow Rich- by Napoleon Hill, and I have learnt and realized how important it is to have a definite chief aim in life that I can strive for- My passion.
The reason why I want to attend the Coaching is to help my realize my passion in life.
Dad, this is covers most of the reasons why I wanted to go for the coaching, and all this was even before I went through the webpage about the coaching,and reading it put a thirty six inch smile all over my face 😀
And since you too wanted to know what exactly he would be teaching me, here’s the link.
I hope I have been persuasive enough for you to consider how important I think this is for me.
Love you always,
I sent the email after a lot of procrastination, doing spell checks, wondering whether I had covered everything I had to say to him.
I spent the whole evening waiting for a reply or a call, but all in vain. At 6pm, I gave up hope and focused on my pending work.
When I reached home at night, I saw my Dad, he was having his dinner. I too freshened up and  joined him. We ate our food without much conversation and I went back in my room wondering how to approach him for my A&F coaching fees when I suddenly got this urge to tell my mom how I want to refine my copy writing skills so that I can write better. And this is what my mom says, ‘ your father shared your letter with me, it was great, I too think its a good idea to refine your writing skills’ and I just smiled back and walked away.
My Dad read my letter! And he shared it with my mother! I was thrilled. The next morning, my father has a chat with me and he agrees to pay off my coaching fees.
It felt like a boulder of uncertainty just vanished off my shoulders.



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