Confusionsoft, Autopilot woes, or an online Wishlist for a budding, self employed, Marketing Mailstrome

For hours I had searched….Days at a stretch…..The more I google……..The more perplexed I get…..

Truly, now I understood why they called it Confusionsoft.

Hey everyone! For those who has been following my post, I’m sorry for the delay, there were a few things I HAD to get sorted before I started writing again (which I’m sure to share with you guys later).

So, those who are well versed with online marketing and customer relationship management surely know what I am talking about, one of the three largest names in the world of online entrepreneurship. These softwares can do in a minute what your average excel software coupled with your email service provider and a team of employees can do in a whole week. These softwares have an array of features- shooting out messages to a large number of people (with a really low percentage of your mails ending up as spam), webpage building assist features, customer relationship management options and much much more. Obviously most of these premium features come with a price, it is much lesser as compared to the cost one would incur to invest in a small teams salary to process and execute tasks. And the coolest part, the automation processes in all the softwares are simply phenomenal!

I’m going to talk about three online systems over here- Infusionsoft, Office autopilot and Wishlist.

All three softwares are extremely powerful all-in-one systems for Small scale entrepreneurs having Autoresponder, CRM and content delivery features.

From the three mentioned above, I have used Office AutoPilot and absolutely love the features! The user interface is simple and easy to use once you have gone through the mildly amusing online tutorial.

Support is awesome.

You have superheros to help you with your online blunders and are on your beck and call to save the day(and your goodwill).


Stay in touch!



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